The Team

Born in the Philippines and raised in Los Angeles, USA, Rhoda found herself living in Sydney, Australia after months of traveling around the world. She is a digital solutions producer and artist but as a true dreamer and idealist, she has always aspired to creatively advocate for children. Over the years she has dreamed up ideas which have now become the foundation for Little and LOUD. Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, Rhoda oversees our partnerships with organizations, co-ordinates our international collaborative projects and developing Little and LOUD on a global scale.

Mirjam left Utrecht, Netherlands, in 2007 to travel and work as a nurse in Australia. Since her arrival she has worked in Sydney, The Gold Coast, Torres Strait Islands and has spent some time as a registered nurse at Balranald Hospital in rural NSW. Now studying a Masters in International Relations, she has returned to Sydney to work while keeping a watchful eye on our Fote School projects. It was her adventurous and inquisitive nature that led us to travel to the South Pacific to learn about Melanesian culture. Passionate about bringing different cultures together, Mirjam concentrates on maintaining direct communication with our beneficiaries.

At the age of four, Michelle‚Äôs family migrated from the Philippines to Sydney where she’s now lived for over 20 years. More recently she has done extensive travel around the United States, South East Asia and Europe and spent a semester in London as part of her Visual Communications degree. Nowadays, between completing a Masters degree, freelance design work and a fulltime job as an online coordinator at a VFX/animation studio, her unwavering passion for travel mixed with her love for film, photography and art is expressed through Little and LOUD. A true believer in social design, Michelle is in charge of directing the production of our projects and our overall visual communication.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Gal Kleinman and I’m the founder of a global educational project called Magical Moments around the World.
    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get hold of Michelle. She’s not replying to my emails.
    She designed the logo for the project a few years ago and I’d like to get her permission to credit her with the logo on the project’s book I plan to publish.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work you are doing at Little&Loud

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