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We believe that folk stories traditionally passed down orally is important and should be preserved. What better way to maintain and share these stories than to create storybooks which will also support the community?

While in Fote, we gathered village’s kastom stories and we aim to publish them into bilingual storybooks with drawings by the children. Distributed internationally, we hope to not only raise awareness about south pacific cultures but 100% of the net profit from sales made will in turn assist in buying books from local and international writers for a library of reading material for the children.

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Because we believe a change of perspective will change the world, we want the world through children’s eyes to be visible. One way we aim to do this is by posting letters, videos and drawings online submitted by the youth all around the world. We need funds to keep up infrastructures to support this including keeping up our postal address. For more information about this project, please visit the ‘Dear World It’s Me‘ page.

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LOUDLabs are a way for us to create a fun, empowering and engaging open dialogue so that workshop participants are able to fully express themselves in ways that are not usually supported by typical school curriculum. Most LOUDLabs participants are marginalized youth who normally don’t have access to modern tools and techinques. Although sometimes the most simple workshop elements provide the largest impact both for participants and facilitators because while each LOUDLab is tailored for specific locations and participants, the goal is to have fun while learning about each other.

We also include the community as much as possible during LOUDLab visits because we aim to gather local wisdom such as social and agricultural practices which we want to document and share with the world as well as integrating a sharing of information between elders and children of the community.

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