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In December 2008, partnered with Little and LOUD to help increase awareness about Fote Primary School to Australian readers and fund a special Christmas gift for the kids. Our readers and supporters together raised an amazing AUD$15,000 in just four weeks. Our objectives were to put that money towards:

  • Supporting physical education
  • Supporting creative learning
  • Supporting literacy
  • osting a special christmas movie night in the village under the stars
  • Building a more comfortable, hygienic and safe learning environment
  • Provide storage space

By December 2009 Little and LOUD have done the following for Fote Primary School thanks to Australia’s help!

  • Organized a special Christmas celebration with a feast, dancing, and an outdoor cinema for all families of the community
  • New storage building for school equipment
  • New timber building for the Pre-Class (kindergarten) made from demolishing the old dilapidated building and re-using the material
  • Installed security wires and locks across all of the windows
  • Painted the school buildings
  • New sanitation block
  • New and more sports equipment, reading books, art materials, educational posters and office supplies
  • English classes for students and teachers
  • Computer skills class for teachers and adults

To specifically contribute to continued support for Fote, please donate using this button:


Adopt-a-Village | partnered with us to bring Christmas to the needy children of Fote Village in the Solomon Islands. We raised more than $14,000 to help fix their school and to provide them with basic school materials required for a proper education.

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