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100% of your donations go towards Little and LOUD’s efforts to increasing POSSIBILITY in the lives of impoverished and disadvantaged children and youth.

Our goals for 2012 and beyond are:

  • To continue our progress and implement more capacity building strategies in Fote
  • To assist Fote teachers in improving their teaching skills and their curriculums
  • To publish the Wantok Childrens Books
  • To effectively run regular LOUDLabs with organizations for children in Columbus Ohio,USA; Sydney, NSW Australia; and parts of Africa, Europe and South East Asia with the goal of creatively connecting kids through self empowering exercises and creative activities
  • To engage in projects that encourage hands up and not handouts

Your contribution big or small will help us realize our dreams, and most importantly, will entitle more children to live out LOUD.

If you are in Australia, you can also make a direct deposit donation. Please email us at for our bank details.

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