Dear World It’s Me

I love my world,
I am Pamela. I am now 11 years old. I live in Masapang, Vic Laguna.
All I want for my world is for the fighting to stop, that people will be kind to each other, together, that there will be no more stealing and no more war. This is all I want for the whole world.
Thank You.
Almost a third of the world’s population is below the age of 18. They are the future leaders of families, communities and nations and they will be the trailblazers of ideas and global movements to come.

But 9 out of 10 live in places where they face inequality, poor education, discrimination, exploitation and weak infrastructures that deny them access to information, technology and communication media. As a result, true stories about Love, Loss, Friendships, Family and Survival through the eyes of children remain unheard.

To be truly heard, we must let them speak, paint, dance, sing and shout for themselves.

They may be little, but there are many and they are LOUD.

Little and LOUD will soon be launching DEAR WORLD IT’S ME, a new online project that aims to be a visual and vocal outlet for children all over the world.

Since June 2009 we have been collecting letters to the world from children around South East Asia and the Pacific and have continued to gather similar messages from children in Europe and North America. These letters, scribbles and drawings are artworks in their own right and express abandon, hope, fears, dreams, ideas and most importantly a belief that, good or bad news, the opportunity to be heard
leads to POSSIBILITY – something that is often not a reality for many children in this world.

If you work at an organization supporting children and youth and would like to find out how your kids can get involved in this project, please email

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