14. 01. 2009
enjoying a swim with the kids

Solomon Islands villagers welcome news.com.au donations (Article from News.com.au)

IT started as an online experiment to see if we could raise enough money to make a difference for needy kids in one tiny jungle village. And thanks to your generosity the reality...

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19. 12. 2008
hoop dreams come true :-)

Readers raise $12,000 to help kids in Solomons Islands (Article from News.com.au)

YOU’VE done it. Thanks to the generosity of news.com.au readers, the kids from our adopted village in the Solomon Islands are about to have a Christmas they will never forget. The team from...

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10. 12. 2008
December 4 2008. Alexandria resident, Michelle Roldan who is rallying support from news.com readers to raise funds for needy chi

A loud voice of hope (Article from Sydney Central Magazine)

A tropical holiday to the Solomon Islands turned into something of a vocation for 25-year-old Alexandria resident Michelle Roldan. She and her friend Mirjam Verkleij travelled to the small island of Malaita, where...

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02. 12. 2008
a drawing from a clare student to fote

Aussie kids ‘penpals’ with Fote Village (Article from News.com.au)

THEY are separated by thousands of kilometres, from the sunburnt drought of the outback to the tropical jungles of the South Pacific. But the children from Clare Public School in rural Australia and...

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21. 11. 2008
thank you australia for the new desks and chairs!

Desks, chairs and more than halfway there in Fote Village charity drive (Article from News.com.au)

WITH your generous help we have already smashed through the halfway mark and then some to raise more than $6000 for the needy kids of Fote Village in our $10,000 Christmas charity drive....

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17. 11. 2008
happy smiles in Fote

Thousands raised to help Fote Village children (Article from News.com.au)

NEWS.com.au readers have raised almost $5000 to help the children of Fote in the Solomon Islands in our  “Adopt a Village” crowdfunding project. The sum achieves the first four targets and gives the...

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11. 11. 2008

Adopt a village for Christmas and help the children of Fote in the Solomon Islands (Article from News.com.au)

THEIR tiny village may seem remote but they are our neighbours. This year news.com.au is bringing Christmas to the needy children of Fote Village in the Solomon Islands by using the networking powers...

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10. 11. 2008
Mirjam with a local

Some of the best kids you’ll ever meet (Article from News.com.au)

MIRJAM Verkleij, 25, is a nurse who was the first of the Little and LOUD team to work at Fote Village. Here she tells us how the vision started. Going to the Solomon...

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10. 11. 2008
Michelle with the Locals

What I saw at Fote Village moved me (Article from News.com.au)

MICHELLE Roldan is a 25-year-old graphic designer from Sydney who first went to the Solomon Islands for a creative holiday break Here she tells what it was like on her first visit to...

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10. 11. 2008
Island smile ... Rhoda Lazo with some of the locals

“Humbled by immense human spirit” (Article from News.com.au)

RHODA Lazo is 33-year-old online producer who lives in Sydney. Here she tells how going to the Solomons changed her life. When I made the trip to Fote and met the children the...

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