We believe children have the right to education and literacy, that there is richness in culture well beyond the material, and that there are no  boundaries to friendships.

With these beliefs in mind, Little and LOUD intends to:

  • Celebrate the importance of storytelling while honouring and respecting cultural heritage
  • Stimulate, nourish and facilitate the creativity of children and foremost giving them the ability to do so by providing materials, techniques and tools
  • Provide the ability for children to collaborate with one another beyond borders
  • Empower children to demonstrate their ability to creatively cause a positive impact
  • Make visible to adults the type of world we have created and are creating for children


We are friends and travellers who come from different continents. We are inspired by children and their natural ability to creatively express themselves in a way that communicates beyond borders and spans all backgrounds, cultures and ages. This is how Little and LOUD began and how it continues to this day.

To read all about us in one neat little package, download a brochure.

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