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thank you australia for the new desks and chairs!

thank you australia for the new desks and chairs!

WITH your generous help we have already smashed through the halfway mark and then some to raise more than $6000 for the needy kids of Fote Village in our $10,000 Christmas charity drive.

Since launching the Adopt a Village “crowdfunding” project with the Little and LOUD, charity last week readers have added $6378 to the pool to help the remote Solomon Islands settlement.

Money has come from away as Iceland – closer to Santa’s home in the North Pole than our neighbours in the Solomons – and highlights the reach of the web to raise funds.

The sum means Little and LOUD can return to the village with a Christmas list that includes new desks and supplies for their school as well as a celebration with a movie screening under the stars.

The responses are well into triple figures now with the biggest donation coming overnight with a tremendous $500 deposit.

Little and LOUD operations director Rhoda Lazo said the level of support was an inspiration and would make a “world of difference” for the 300 children in the remote village.

“What struck me about visiting the preschool was that some of the little ones were just sitting on the ground on rocks being completely uncomfortable,” Ms Lazo, 33, said.

“With the latest donations we can get them proper desks.”

Little and LOUD started earlier this year by three young women determined to make a difference after visiting the island settlement.

Adopt a village special section

Since partnering with to “Adopt a Village” the group has received messages of support from crowdfunders like Brett:

“Just wanted to say what great, inspiring work you are doing,” he said. “Not only is your cause very admirable, but also makes a lot of sense and is something I strongly believe in.

“The Solomon Islands seem like such a beautiful place with wonderful people and they deserve much more opportunity than what they are given.”

And this message came in from Georgia: “Wow what a difference you are making,” she said. “Well done – it’s really inspirational work you are doing!”

Crowdfunding is a means to raise money through the networking powers of the web and gives even the smallest donations real power. It has been effective in – amongst other things – helping put Barack Obama in the White House.

Donations can be made through Little and LOUD’s secure PayPal account using the button on’s Adopt a Village interactive above or through our special section here.

You can also transfer money to their Westpac account in the name “Little and Loud International Incorporation”, account number 202754 and BSB: 032-040.

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