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THEIR tiny village may seem remote but they are our neighbours. Adopt A Village Section Adopt A Village Section

This year is bringing Christmas to the needy children of Fote Village in the Solomon Islands by using the networking powers of the web to “crowdfund” a series of projects.

How much we’ll be able to do will depend on the generosity of you – our readers.

As we count down to Christmas you can make donations and see what the growing pool has put on the presents list by using our special crowdfunding gauge above.

We’re kicking off with the modest target of $500 to buy sports and games equipment for the village primary school but our eventual goal is to raise more than $10,000 to provide everything we can for them – including fixing the classrooms the kids learn and grow in. editor David Higgins said this was a fantastic opportunity to spread some goodwill in our region through the work of an energetic and growing Australian charity founded by three young women earlier this year.

“With the financial crisis, we’re all feeling a pinch this Christmas but these are kids who have rain pouring through the roof of their falling down school,” Mr Higgins said.

“By ‘adopting a village’ this Christmas, readers can help bring them a brighter future.

“ was impressed with the drive and enthusiasm of Little and LOUD and believe they can make a real difference.

“We can’t save the world all at once but we thought we’d save one tiny village.”

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Little and LOUD formed in June this year as the brainchild of Rhoda Lazo, 33, Michelle Roldan, 25, and Mirjam Verkleij, 25, who first visited Fote as part of their interest in the local Pacific culture.

Inspired by the magic of the Solomons children but aware of the harsh conditions they faced, decided they could help.

Donations can be made through Little and LOUD’s secure PayPal account using the button on’s Adopt a Village interactive above or through our special section here.

You can also transfer money to their Westpac account in the name “Little and Loud International Incorporation”, account number 202754 and BSB: 032-040.

This method of crowdfunding has been effective in – amongst other things – helping to raise money to put Barack Obama in the White House.

It lets the web break down the amount so even the smallest donations can make a big difference.

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