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MIRJAM Verkleij, 25, is a nurse who was the first of the Little and LOUD team to work at Fote Village. Here she tells us how the vision started.

Going to the Solomon Islands had already fulfilled my dreams to travel to the unknown but when my friend Michelle (Roldan, Little and LOUD co-founder) sent me an email to tell that she’d join me for a week I thought it could only get better.

Mirjam with a local

Mirjam with one of the kids

After an invitation to go to Fote Village from the local province project office we suddenly were off with backpacks full of paints, brushes, paper, cameras, dry biscuits, milk powder and rice.
Boat, truck, friendly smiles, a warm welcome …yes! We’re here!

Lush bushland, fresh fruits, blue seas, white beaches … but above all the best kids you’ll ever meet.

We paint, we play, we talk, we listen, we sing, we dance, we laugh, we cry … and say goodbye.
Back in Australia – still with dirty toes from running around on bare feet – we tell Rhoda about our adventures and she responds with her plans for an organisation called Little and LOUD.

So, where did this all start? Just by doing what we love to do … cause that’s what everybody is best at.

And where will this all go? Well, that’s up to the kids and their dreams for the future.


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