“Humbled by immense human spirit” (Article from News.com.au)

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RHODA Lazo is 33-year-old online producer who lives in Sydney. Here she tells how going to the Solomons changed her life.

Rhoda with the locals

Island smile ... Rhoda Lazo with some of the locals

When I made the trip to Fote and met the children the experience affected me in ways that I couldn’t imagine. I was humbled by the reality of their immense human spirit.

Staying with a local family, sharing their house and eating their food, I witnessed a school that was very much a centre of the community. The parents were helping with the upkeep of the school grounds and putting together bake sales to raise funds.

The teachers were charismatic and dedicated, doing as much they could with what they had to teach with. What struck me the most was how much impact was being made with so very little. Michelle (Roldan, co-founder Little and LOUD) and I had brought crayons and paper, which were not nearly enough for the 300 school children of Fote.

Because they never had more than pencils or an occasional pen, they hadn’t drawn with colour and therefore the crayons remained untouched without encouragement from us and the teachers.

But when they drew with the colours, they couldn’t stop, continuing even after school was finished.

The drawings they produced were so beautiful it saddened me to think that these talents were not nurtured because they simply didn’t have the tools. Then and there I was struck with the actuality of what we had set out to do with this organisation. It wasn’t about the crayons – it was about providing better education, a means for self-expression and learning for the future.

When it was time to leave, it was like leaving a new family. It will be great to see the people of Fote Village again this Christmas. When we return to deliver as much as we can to the school, it will make their Christmas wish a reality.

(From: http://www.news.com.au/features/humbled-by-immense-human-spirit/story-e6frflgi-1111117993026)

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