Fearless Commitment

On October 6, 2008 by Rhoda
excited and up in the air!

excited and up in the air!

Michelle and I are currently in Honiara hours before our flight back to Australia after spending two nights and barely two days in Fote. We were greeted by the school Chairman, Cillion and after a half hour bumpy ride through lush bush, we arrived at Fote greeted by our friends. We had a short talk with the Senior Staff member of the school, Maxford to update him on the latest developments in Sydney – one of the biggest national newspaper sites in Australia has decided to support our efforts by partnering with us this coming Christmas to raise as much funds for the improvement of Fote Primary School. They were very grateful and happy, to say the least.

The next day, we spent all day at school taking footage of the children in pre-primary and standard 5 classes and then having groups draw for us. It was remarkable how the kids hardly drew with the crayons and coloured pencils we’d brought because they were not used to them. When they did use them after encouragement, they produced amazingly beautiful artwork which we’ll be putting up on www.littleandloud.tv. After school, we spent the afternoon walking through the bush to get to the beach through villages and small huts along the way. We had so much fun playing in the sand, swimming and throwing a soccer ball around (the only 1 I’ve seen in the entire village). The children also taught us Kawara’ae (local language) words, phrases and songs.

As I sit here thinking about the month ahead and all the work we have ahead of us, I am inspired by the children’s smiling faces with their singing loud in my mind’s ear. More than ever, I am committed to providing the children with at least the basic needs for a good education. We have been so welcomed and befriended by the warmest people I have encountered. Having been touched by their culture, sharing their food, house and in fun, I cannot think of a better way to spend this
Christmas when we return with as much as we can bring from our fundraising efforts!

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