Passion is as passion does

On July 28, 2008 by Rhoda

I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on all other life functions when I want to work on this project as much as possible. There’s just so much to do and even with a 4 day work week, there still is not enough time in between all other commitments as well as trying to retain other life aspects. So we sneak in as much “work” (it’s hard to call it work when you love it so much) wherever we can… What kept me going this week was this quote: “The universe rewards action” -Aristotle

It’s also hard not to get overwhelmed with my “big picture eyes”. I’m finding that a deep breath, a cuddle from Michelle with a few firm reminders of the focus at hand and I can keep running.

Michelle and I recently did a workshop for all functions to get this project going in my very cold art space which is a non-insulated warehouse. This time, Mirjam being hundreds of kilometers away skyped in to “meet” with us. It’s an incredible thing to have good friends to work with on something you are all so passionate about. We all work very well together, bouncing ideas so fast it’s hard to get it down on paper. Sometimes I get so excited, I can’t help but run in place just to disperse energy all the while giggling with sheer joy at doing something that makes my heart sing.

I can’t believe we are here… I’ve been working on the underlying intentions of little and loud since last year and now it’s got legs – all thanks to my brilliant friends who have dreamed of elements I never thought of. I love how the universe conspires! The picture on the right is all 3 of us video Skyping away.

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