“Reach for the moon, so that if you don’t quite make it you can at least land on the stars”

On July 13, 2008 by Michelle

I read that once on a greeting card. I felt like it was giving me a high five because I grew up with a similar philosophy that on average, you only really get about half of what you dream of so the best strategy to get what you want is to dream big. Huge. Dare I say, colossal. Kind of like biting more than you can chew but just chewing harder.

And boy are we chewing.

Literacy, creativity and a platform for exchanging ideas are vital to an individual’s well being, education and subsequent ability to contribute positively to society. If promoting this credo to youth means having to find a way to build a library and collect books for a village primary school in the Solomon Islands, then we will most certainly try!

It is a challenge to attempt this with all of us engaged in our full time jobs and with one of us living hours upon hours away. The amount of research and planning to do is incredibly overwhelming. Do we need to register for a business name? Do we need an ABN? We need a bank account. We need DGR Status and tax exemption. Where are we going to get funding? Who’s going to really care? It goes on. But so far we are making slow and steady progress, even if our office-slash-think-tank is sometimes my bedroom.

The logo is on its way, some photos and videos will be uploaded very soon and in about two weeks expect to see our finished website. Very soon we hope to turn the volume up a little bit.

Three of us are actually “present” here: Rhoda hard at work on the mission statement, Mirjam on the phone, and me behind the camera typically documenting every part of this process.

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